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Research Areas :

Surface properties of semiconductor materials

  Surface analysis chalcogenide semiconductor crystals ( physical properties, structure, reactivity) are performed in a group of more than 10 years. The main subject of the original crystals were A4B6, which has been extensively investigated the properties of the clean surface and mechanisms of oxidation in air. In recent years, actively exploring new objects, which shows great interest to modern physics - topological insulators based on bismuth and antimony chalcogenides. Made study of the influence of magnetic impurities and boundaries "topological insulator-metal " on the properties of topological insulators, the study of reactivity, depending on the establishment of the electronic properties of the solid solution, including topological insulator transitions - the classic insulator. First it was revealed that spraying up to 2 monolayers on the surface of iron telluride and bismuth selenide does not lead to the disclosure of the Dirac cone surface and disruption of the topological state , contrary to the theoretical conclusions. A model of boundary magnetic topological insulator metal at the atomic level. Established mechanism of interaction surfaces Bi2Se3 and Bi2Te3 with components of air ( oxygen and water at their joint impact ).
  Group independently synthesized crystals by the Bridgman method. The main method of experimental research is photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS , UPES and spin with an angular resolution). Studies performed in laboratory spectrometers and synchrotron radiation ( by agreement with synchrotron MSU center BESSY II, Berlin, Germany). Used to interpret the results of quantum-chemical modeling using supercomputers MSU.

Lithium-ion batteries

  Finding materials for lithium- ion batteries is performed with a group of E.A. Gudilin. Group performed photoemission studies of model batteries directly in the process (operando), which allows to track changes in surface phenomena in the operation of the battery.

Content of carbon nanotubes
  Study filling SWNTs melt semiconductor and other materials to form their dimensional crystals is performed with a group of AA Eliseev . Determined the structure and electronic structure of nanocomposites more than 10 systems installed patterns of interaction and one-dimensional crystal of carbon nanotubes , as well as one-dimensional structures of crystals.


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 Phd thesis

  • О.Ю. Иваньшина. Синтез и свойства электрокатализаторов Pt/MO2/УНТ, M=Ti, V, Sn, Ce. 2013.
  • М.В. Харламова. Нанокомпозиты на основе одностенных углеродных нанотрубок: синтез и модификация электронной структуры. 2013.
  • Д.А. Семененко. Окислительно-восстановительные реакции кислорода на поверхности углеродных электродов литий-воздушных аккумуляторов. 2013.


Diploma thesis

  • Э.Ю. Катаев. Образование продуктов реакции восстановления кислорода на катодах литий-воздушных аккумуляторов. 2013.
  • О.Ю. Иваньшина. Синтез, структура и свойства нанокомпозитов на основе "Pt-углеродные нанотрубки". 2010.
  • А.А. Волыхов. Взаимодействие халькогенидов элементов 14-й группы в квазитройных системах. 2008.
  • Е.Н. Худякова. Реакционная способность халькогенидов свинца и олова при взаимодействии с кислородом. 2007.


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