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quantum dots

Colloidal quantum dots

Roman B. Vasiliev
phone: +7(495)939-54-71


Group research focuses on chemistry, physics and materials science of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals (colloidal quantum dots). Colloidal quantum dots from the chemical viewpoint are semiconductor nanocrystals stabilized by amphiphilic molecules. From the physical viewpoint each quantum dot is zero-dimensional electronic system with size-dependent discrete spectrum. Quantum dots show the strong luminescence properties, giant extinction coefficients, high stability. For colloidal nanocrystals chemical control of size, shape and composition allow to precise tune of electronic and optical properties. Quantum dots are very attractive for applications in fields of LEDs (organic as well as all-inorganic QD-based LEDs), lasers, solar cells, biolabels.


  • colloidal synthesis of A2B6 nanocrystals, nucleation and growth in colloidal non-polar systems.
  • colloidal nanocrystals with complicated shape, branched nanocrystals
  • colloidal nanoheterostructures, core-shell nanocrystals with spatially separated charges (type II nanocrystals)
  • colloidal quantum dots as photosensitizers in solar cells
  • doping colloidal nanocrystals
  • luminescent biolabels

Diploma work performed in group

  • Synthesis of the colloidal CdTe nanotetrapods
    2009 Babynina A.
  • Synthesis of the photosensitive composites based on nanocrystalline tin dioxide sensitized by CdSe quantum dots
    2009 Maslova O.
  • CdTe and CdTe/CdSe colloidal quantum dots synthesis
    2008 Dirin D.
  • Synthesis and optical properties of the CdSe colloidal quantum dots capped with oleic acid
    2006 Tananaev P.

PhD thesis defences performed in group

  • Copper doped cadmium selenide quantum dots
    2010 Tananaev P.


  • RFBR 07-03-00843 "Semiconductor core/shell nanocrystals with charge carriers spatial separation: synthesis and optical properties (2007-2009)
  • FTP 02.513.11.3065 "Organic composites with quantum dots for photon energy conversion" (2007) (subcontract)
  • Grant of President RF -5074.2007.3 "Nanostructured materials for optoelectronic convertors based on quantum dots with spatially devided exciton" (2007-2008)
  • Grant of President RF -2000.2005.3 "Design and optical properties of the core/shell quantum dots" (2005-2006)
  • RFBR 03-03-32586 "Electron and ion transport in nanocrystallite oxides" (2003-2005)
  • U.M.N.I.K. "Development of prototype of the solar cell photosensitive element based on CdTe/CdSe colloidal quantum dots" (2008-2010)

Image gallery

CdSe and CdTe colloidal quantum dots with various size and luminescence in range from 450 nm to 650 nm modification of CdSe colloidal quantum dots luminescence under CdS shell growth the luminescence of the plasctic containing CdSe/CdS colloidal quantum dots
Colloidal quantum dots luminescence

TEM image of the spherical CdTe colloidal quantum dots TEM image of pyramid-like CdSe/CdS nanoheterostructures TEM image of CdTe tetrapods with low aspect ratio TEM image of CdSe tetrapods with high aspect ratio
Shape control of colloidal nanocrystals

Recent publications


  • Effect of branching of tetrapod-shaped CdTe/CdSe nanocrystal heterostructures on their luminescence.
    A.G. Vitukhnovsky, A.S. Shulga, S.A. Ambrozevich, E.M. Khokhlov, R.B. Vasiliev, D.N. Dirin, V.I. Yudson.
    Physics Letters A, 2009, 373, p.22872290.
  • Growth of sphere- and tetrapod-shaped Cd(Cu)Se nanocrystals from Cu(C17H35COO)2 and Cu4(PPh3)43-I)4.
    P.N. Tananaev, S.G. Dorofeev, R.B. Vasiliev, K.O. Znamenkov, T.A. Kuznetsova.
    Mendeleev Comm., 2009, 19(3), p.131-132.
  • Growth of near-IR luminescent colloidal CdTe/CdS nanoheterostructures based on CdTe tetrapods.
    R.B. Vasiliev, D.N. Dirin, M.S. Sokolikova, S.G. Dorofeev, A.G. Vitukhnovsky, A.M. Gaskov.
    Mendeleev Comm., 2009, 19(3), p.128-130.
  • Temperature effect on the growth of colloidal CdTe nanotetrapods.
    R.B.Vasiliev, D.N.Dirin, A.M.Gaskov.
    Mendeleev Comm., 2009, 19(3), p.126-127.
  • Fluorescent immunolabeling of cancer cells by quantum dots and antibody scFv fragment.
    T.A. Zdobnova, S.G. Dorofeev, P.N. Tananaev, R.B. Vasiliev, T.G. Balandin, E.F. Edelweiss, O.A. Stremovskiy, I.V. Balalaeva, I.V. Turchin, E.N. Lebedenko, V.P. Zlomanov, S.M. Deyev.
    J. Biomed. Opt. Vol., 2009, 14, 021004.
  • Preparation of copper-doped CdSe nanocrystals.
    P.N. Tananaev, S.G. Dorofeev, R. B. Vasilev, T.A. Kuznetsova.
    Inorg. Mat., 2009, 45(4), p.347-351.




  • Imaging of QDs-labeled tumors in small animals by fluorescence diffuse tomography.
    I.V.Turchin, I.V.Balalaeva, R.B.Vasil'ev, V.P.Zlomanov, V.I.Plehanov, A.G.Orlova, E.V.Zagaynova, V.A.Kamensky, M.S.Kleshnin, M.V.Shirmanova, S.G.Dorofeev, and D.N.Dirin.
    Laser Physics Letters, 2006, 3(4), p.208-212.


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